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Origin of OSE

OSE was founded in 2015 in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The idea for the business came from the desire to technically assist procurement teams at optical technology companies. This led to a natural progression of services which include optical assembly, optical testing, and specialized technical assembly. As OSE has grown, we have provided our services to biomedical, military, semiconductor, and commercial industries.

About OSE

OSE leverages expertise within the precision optics industry to efficiently source, assemble and test optical systems. Our technical team at OSE understands the value behind selecting the correct optical and optomechanical components and ensuring they are delivered within specification and on time. OSE procurement specialists have an Optical Systems & Engineering background and understand the overarching importance of how components contribute to system-level performance. This expertise is further utilized when optical systems are built using core principles of Optical Manufacturing and Assembly. The result is a high-performing Optical Systems built consistently per your specifications.

Commitment to Quality

OSE believes in addressing a customer’s needs first. The core principle governing OSE is whether the needs of our customers have been addressed. This tenant drives the decision-making as well as the direction of the business. Typical areas addressed have been related to the resolution of quality concerns from other vendors, inventory shortage issues, and technical oversight on complicated engineering principles. From the procurement of optics through the testing of optical systems, OSE believes that placing customers first is the only way to conduct business.

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