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OSE is quickly becoming a beacon for technology companies through their dedication and agility. OSE offers exciting career paths and the opportunity to work on market-defining programs. We specialize in a full spectrum of products & services including – Lens Assembly, Advanced Technical Procurement, Specialized Technical Manufacturing, and Optical Measurement Services.


Why Join OSE

When working with OSE we provide the flexibility and excitement to grow your career in a highly technical and intellectually rich environment. Optical technology provides an in-depth perspective to many areas which include defense, biomedical, semiconductor, and commercial industries. OSE’s commitment to our workforce allows you to grow your career at an astonishing pace while enjoying the comfort of a work-friendly, technology company in the Boston area.


Top Compensation and Benefits

OSE offers highly competitive, total compensation packages in keeping with our employee’s professional experience. OSE’s benefits include: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Paid Vacation, and Sick Time. Additionally, we offer flexible hours to account for dedication to the work-life balance.


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