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Technical Assembly

Device Manufacturing & Assembly

As a full-service outsource manufacturing partner, OSE can quickly and cost-effectively convert your designs into finished devices and instruments by leveraging agile manufacturing space and manpower. Few contract manufacturers can match our uniquely broad range of manufacturing and assembly capabilities for any size from small-batch prototypes to higher volume sustaining production.

Cable & Wire Harness Assy.

OSE is your high-mix, low to mid volume cable and wire harness solution. Our team has decades of expertise in the field of copper and fiber optic interconnect assemblies and understands what is required to bring the right solution to the table. OSE is experienced across a spectrum of capabilities which include assembly of wire harnesses as well as military and medical grade custom cable assemblies. Semi-automated wire processing equipment guarantees precise wire lengths and crimps and each system is tested for electrical continuity with additional hi-pot and resistance testing performed upon request.

Beyond the expertise of our immediate team, we have a global operation which allows OSE to provide proper quality control at our New England Facility while leveraging the competitive cost structure of our cable manufacturing partner overseas. Our additional oversight at our manufacturing facility guarantees that our cables are checked more than once before arriving at your facility on time and in specification.

Custom Soldering Solutions

The technicians at OSE understand the value of high-quality soldering in electromechanical assemblies. OSE is ready to provide any custom soldering solution to meet your requirements. The world-renowned expertise will ensure that soldering is done correctly and consistently to meet your electrical needs at the system-level. Furthermore, OSE is glad to provide advice concerning high-precision soldering solutions for your manufacturing team to ensure a superior technical product.

Technical Kitting

OSE offers the ability to improve the agility of your production team through technical kitting. OSE will help your company finalize the Bill of Materials required for a specific product line. Upon the agreed materials listing,OSE will procure and kit the required materials needed for a manufacturing build and deliver these custom kits on an as-needed basis.

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