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Optical Assembly

OSE has a premier facility dedicated to the assembly of optical systems. The manufacturing team has a dedicated knowledge to the assembly of both illumination and imaging systems alike. For traditional imaging systems, OSE is well-versed in alignment process required to optimize performance across the field. The practice of populating and securing high-precision optical components into mechanical housings is second nature for OSE. When aligning illumination systems, the seasoned manufacturing team has tremendous experience in fiber optical alignment of laser-based systems.

Come to OSE to bring your engineering design to a fully manufacturable solution. By working with our team, your system will be built using the correct assembly techniques which results in saved costs and a higher quality optical system.

Precision Lens Assembly

Our engineering and manufacturing teams have a deep and committed understanding to Optical Systems. At OSE we have an agile team that can assemble your complex lens requests. OSE has world-class expertise in building doublets, fixed-focus lenses, and custom imaging solutions.

Our most seasoned members will help you through more challenging projects such as Infrared Zoom Systems and automated lens-to-sensor alignment. Our clean environment coupled with skilled technicians will provide your team with the agile solution they are looking for to complete the job on time and with exceptional quality.

Fiber Optics Manufacturing

At OSE, the manufacturing team understands the custom demands of fiber optics assembly. Technicians have a superior understanding of the splicing, termination, and polishing of optical fibers. OSE has the knowledge and equipment to perform activities from the manufacturing of a custom fiber-connector assembly to the alignment of an optical fiber to a traditional lens system. Fiber Optics equipment that includes 6-axis, core-to-core alignment fusion splicer, high-end fiber cleaver, and an automated fiber optics polishing system.

Working with OSE means working with a dedicated team of professionals who take pride in bringing any fiber optics manufacturing project to life in a manner that saves you man-power and time without sacrificing quality.

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