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Optical Metrology

Optical Metrology

OSE is fully prepared to test your optical components to ensure they meet the accompanying engineering drawing. OSE is equipped with a Zygo Interferometer for measuring the wavefront, surface flatness, or radius of your precision optical flat or lens. We can provide a custom-tailored metrology plan for your components, and have a dedicated system for performing these optical measurements in a clean and dedicated environment. Further optical metrology capabilities include a spectrophotometer for measuring the transmission and reflection of an optical system as well as MTF measurement capabilities for testing of an entire lens system. If more optical information is needed, a final systems level test can be performed on the Zygo interferometer for complete wavefront data as needed. Components can be sorted based on customized rejection criteria, and metrology discussions can be held in concert with component suppliers at the customer’s request. OSE is here to provide your optical metrology expertise.

Mechanical Metrology

OSE is here to create your custom metrology plan for any machined components you have. Provide the tolerances of interest and we can put together a Quality Action Plan to ensure your parts coming in meet specification. If you need a full first-article qualification of a precision machined-component we can perform that as well.

With a top-notch, dedicated metrology area dedicated to the precision mechanical tolerances demanded by the military-grade components – our team is ready for any machined component that needs inspection. Our Mitutoyo drop indicators, precision micrometers, and high-grade gauge pin sets are a few of the inspection tools we use to ensure quality. All measured tolerances are loaded into our Quality System to ensure safe-keeping of metrology information. From there, we can provide accept and reject criteria and even supply any mechanical components that have been difficult to source for your team.

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